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Trophy for innovation awarded by the ICC Le Puy / Yssingeaux product in Performer
January 2010.

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Founded in 1989 in Saint-Etienne and shortly after moved to Retournac in the Haute-Loire department, Tiger Process specializes in the development of wire feeding devices for the welding industry, in particular for Tig welding.

The first patent was realised in 1995. In 2006, 4 extra patents were completed:

- wire feeder for Tig welding with 2 motors
- single-motor Tig wire feeder
- Tig torch with central wire feeding
- Flexible and fully automatic tungsten changing device for robots and automation

We are represented throughout 10 countries on 2 different continents, and recent development have oriented the company and its products towards the world of automatic welding systems and robots.

In fact, our new concepts focus on welding robots and our future lies in the creation of even newer and more optimised robotic welding systems.

Our aim is to produce for manufacturers, distributors and end-users in different market segments.

Contact us:
Tiger Process - Le Garay - 43800 Chamalières-sur-loire
For France: tigerprocess@tigerprocess.com
For Export: exportsales@tigerprocess.com

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