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Procédés TIG- changement de tungstène automatique - dévidoir de fil d'apport intégrateur robot ABB, Fanuc, Comau, Panasonic, soudage robotisé Tig, Mig/Mag dévidoir cadencé fil froid, procédé breveté, TP 1001, TP 1002, TP 1002 D, TP 2100, TP 2100 D formation soudage - organisme de formation agréé Service après vente, achat d'accessoire dévidoir manuel corporate l Contact

IIntégrale pictures

Stub pose - 947 Ko - 0'55

The Integrale - 3.07 Mo - 0'48

Automatic tungsten change - 841 Ko - 0'17

Manual torche chang- 854 Ko - 0'13

Wire cutter + slag removal MIG - 954 Ko - 0'17

Integrale cell TIG/MIG

Integrale cell TIG/SIG

Integrale cell MIG/SIG

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The Tigerprocess’ integral is a unique concept and offers great diversity.

The Integral offers TIG and MIG, or TIG and Stud welding, or MIG and Stud welding.
It take no more than 4min to switch from one system to another, mainly thanks to the optimised torch switch. Productivity gain is remarkable.

Complementing the Tigerprocess patents: tungsten loader/unloader for TIG welding, torch cleaning station for MIG welding and integrated wire feeder.

A positioner with 2 work stations and turning table allowing the operator to remove the welded pieces and re-install the pieces to be welded while the robot is welding at the other workstation.

Tigerprocess provides on-site delivery, training and complete set-up of the station.

Tig aluminium weld realised with robot – tiger process.

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