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At times where Tig welding was slow and time consuming, Tigerprocess makes it fast and easy thanks to the newly developed wire feeder. The wire feeders are of excellent quality, robust and flexible.


The patented Tigerprocess wire feeder turns the manual Tig welding into a highly productive welding process, almost touching the speed of Mig welding in some applications.
Tigerprocess creates comfort for the welder (one free hand) and creates excellent welding aspects: “the perfect weld in perfect conditions”.

Range of cold wire feeders     Pictures and videos      
  TP 1001       Manual video - 4.5 Mo
  TP 1002       Torch TIG
  TP 1002 D       Welded parts manual
  TP 2100 - NOUVEAU          
  TP 2100 D - NOUVEAU          
Torch range     Downloads: :      
  ET 100       TP1002-TP1002 D in french
  ET 220       TP2100 - TP 2100D in french
  ET 250       Users manual TP1002-TP1002D in french
  ET 260       Users manual TP2100 - TP 2100D in french
  ET 300       Manual assembly trolley in french
  ET 300 Potar          
  ET 350          
  ET 350 Potar          
  ET 360